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BioTools announces establishment of BioTools Europe

Contact: Rina Dukor, Ph.D.
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Press Release

BioTools, Inc. expands to Europe; announces establishment of
BioTools Europe, Ltd.

Jupiter, Florida, USA January 5, 2010: BioTools, Inc. proudly announces the
establishment of its first international subsidary, BioTools Europe, Ltd.
BioTools’ core technologies, Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) and Raman Opitcal
Activity (ROA), have seen significant growth over the past few years. This provides a
strong base for continued growth as we expand our products and services. VCD has
become a standard technique for the determination of absolute configuration of chiral
molecules whereas ROA, an exclusive product to BioTools, is pimarily used as a senrsitive
probe for structural elucidation of biomolecules. Customers for both techniques include
academic institutions, regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies. European
markets account for a large percentage of this growth. The establishment of its own
European subsidary enhances BioTools capability to improve its regional support
delivering an even higher standard of service to its customers. .
BioTools Europe Ltd is headquartered in Surrey, UK, south of London, where Mr. Frank
Trundle serves as Managing Director of BioTools Europe and as Vice President of
BioTools, Inc. Mr. Trundle brings with him over 20 years experience in international
high-technology-based instrumentation business. ”We are very fortunate to have Frank as
our leader in Europe. Frank’s experience in sales, marketing, and business, and product
development is a tremendous asset to our rapidly growing company. We are priveleged to
have him on board.” says Dr. Rina Dukor, Ph.D, President of BioTools, Inc.
About BioTools, Inc.
BioTools is a world leader in providing advanced instrumentation and services to
pharmaceutical companies and academia serving critical areas of biopharmaceutical and
chiral drugs research. Its unique products are used for molecular structure characterization
from basic research to formulated finished products. Founded in 2000, BioTools has R&D,
sales, customer support, contract research lab and manufacturing facilities in Jupiter,
Florida and now sales and customer support in Surrey, UK.