ChiralRAMAN  µ-ChiralRAMAN-2X– For the first time ever, an instrument that combines RAMAN Microscopy, RAMAN, and Raman Optical Activity (ROA). Applications include structural characterization of chiral molecules and biologicals such as proteins, sugars and viruses; as well as SERS and SEROA experiments. (click here for more details)
ChiralRAMAN   ChiralIR-2X– Revolutionizing the use of Vibrational CD (VCD) in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry the new instrument provides all digital signal processing resulting in higher signal to noise. Applications include unambiguous determination of absolute configuration, monitoring of asymmetric reactions, detection of fibrillation, and structure of biologicals. (click here for more details)

ChiralRAMAN   PROTA-2X– New FT-IR platform incorporates our superior spectroscopic software and databases with ABB’s revolutionary FT-IR MB3000 spectrometer, optimizing the technological performance for protein research. Applications include formulation screening, secondary structure determination, thermal stability, effects of excipients. (click here for more details)

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